Monday, 31 July 2017

July meeting - 1st and most recent quilts

Lets start with the bee blocks! What a lot of lovely stars for Ann, who is a real star herself as she is going to make a quilt for siblings together with them. The theme for this months show and tell was first and most recent quilts. Its lovely revisiting our first quilts and seeing how far we have come. But before we delve in, lets pretend my pictures did not get all jumbled up when i uploaded them to flickr and i was too tired to sort them out into order?? Pretty please? *mwah* thanks. Soooo in absolutely no particular order we have- Anns first quilt a really lovely log cabin
Dianes latest quilt a really lovely lone star (told you the order was random!)
This was such a poignant story from Angela, this is a happy cheery quilt which helped her work through grief. I think we can all relate to how quilting helps us in times of stress. 
The latest quilt from Audrey, a wonderful medallion quilt.
Awww this one is very special too! A star wedding quilt from Fiona for her son, she made the label from her own wedding dress!
Do you recognise this quilt?? It was the unknown one from the last sewing day! Yep it is the latest quilt from Liz, made from two layer cakes!
A lovely hexie quilt the first one ever made by our chair, Cathlene.
Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh guess who cant read their own notes .... i know this is Audreys first quilt then the writing is illegible! Sorry Audrey!
Adrienne brought in her sketchbook and some utterly glorious cushions!
Ruth has recently become well hooked on paper piecing. How utterly adorable is that small seahorse!!
I wish i had Sheenas eye for design i really do, here is her pixelated interpretation of an old house. Beautiful.
Blimey, was i on the gin that night? More illegible handwriting, i know this is Margarets but according to my notes the first is the latest quilt and its a batik headboard?? Sorry Margaret, but it is stunning! 
Ruth apologies that this is out of focus! Which is s shame because your little Red improv mini is sooooooo cute!
Some more of Adriennes lovely cushions!
Liz didnt have her first quilt so here is her first one which was accepted for an exhibition, well done Liz!
Back to Diane and here is her first beautiful blue quilt.
Angelas first quilt, its funny how so many of us mentioned that we knew so little when we started and used wrong  wadding etc but the end product is still amazing.
I know i have missed some out there seems to have been a bit of an upload fail! Sorry! Your humble blog writer aims to do better next time.

Meet Cathy!

Here is the next in our series of member biography posts, lets meet the lovely Cathy.
Hi all 
I am originally from High Blantyre in Lanarkshire .... Studied Nursing in Glasgow and moved to Edinburgh just before I got married in 1985. Married to Donald (he is a star) and have 2 wonderful daughters Gwen 26 and Sarah 22 X We have a beautiful grand daughter Rosie who is 19 months old and a great joy :) She is going to be a big sister in January all being well. I retired from nursing 2 months ago and thoroughly enjoying the free time. 
My interest in sewing  began at High School when a friend and I decided to opt out of the planned art project for the year and each made a multi coloured patchwork leather shoulder bag sewn by hand. Great fun X My elder sister was a fab sewer (she is now a quilter extraordinaire) and when I was around 16 I begged her to make me a tartan maxi coat in pink
Lol as I was an Ian Anderson fan. 
I loved that coat and thought a was the 'bees knees' ... Didn't get an invite to join Jethro Tull however :( 
Greatly admired my sisters quilts and went to my first quilting workshop in a lil shop in Morningside around 8  years ago and made (by hand ) a baby cot quilt. 
For several years I did Silversmithing which I really enjoyed and may go back to one day. It's great making your own silver jewellery ...very satisfying. 
I returned to quilting a few years ago and am loving working with fabric again . I am fairly new to Modern Quilting but enjoying the learning process. Love coming along to the Guild meeting fellow quilters and admiring the amazing work done by all.
I have had two fabulous weekends away to West Manse Quilt Retreat in Cullen and can highly recommend it X Beautiful part of the country, fab workspace, amazing food .... Oh and cake.  ( and cute Wee doggy Findlay ...what a character ) Had a quilting break at Gartmore too which was great X 
Happy Quilting All!
Thank you Cathy! Now lets see some of your fab work.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Just to be sociable

There is a saying in our house when the gin gets opened "och well just to be sociable" 😊. When a member asked in our facebook group why people joined the guild a good many cited the social aspect of being in the guild. So this seems like a good time to put up a post about a recent sewing day the guild had. Our wonderful secretary Helen found a room for hire in Edinburgh at a reasonable rate (hens teeth, they are like hens teeth!) This was the second sewing get together day the guild has had snd by all accounts a great time was had! I couldn't go so thought i had got off the hook for writing a blog post but an email pinged into my inbox from the lovely Audrey which said "i thought if Sheila was here she would be snapping away for the blog!" That really made me laugh, thank you Audrey, it allowed me and everyone else to join in virtually. Ooohhhh nice blocks Helen and do i spy a rather fab sewtogether bag from the last sewing day?
I have no idea who did these but i adore that fabric! 
Nope, no idea whose this is but i need those polar bears.
Penguins!! Ok own up who made these sooper cute blocks?
Ah now this i do know because if you come back for the next blog post you will see it finished in the show and tell!
Ahhh now i do know who made this, the gorgeous Mags! Part of the tartankiwi woodland2 quilt along on instsgram.
Awww no mistaking that beautiful smile, Pam with her wonky dresden.
Another lovely smile from Adrienne, mmmmm purple grey and black! A winning combo.
Intense concentration from Heather, and another stunning sewtogether bag on the table!
Fingers crossed i make the next one! 

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Jenny Haynes talk

Woo hoo! look who we have coming to give us a talk! Only the fabulous Jenny Haynes that's who! I have my ticket (perks of being communications empress :-) get yours too from our Eventbrite listing, c'mon there will be cake and wine, what more can you ask for!!!

Sunday, 25 June 2017

June More new members!!

Goodness me we are popular! More new members snd my resolution this month is to get the blog post done toute suite. So with no further ado! We are off! Firstly we have two lovely members who are very poorly, Barbara and Sue, ladies we love you and miss you so if you are reading this, get well soon. Lets have a look at last months bee blocks.  😍😍😍😍😍 love love loving these for Diane, look like the prettiest sound waves dont they?
Next up, well you cant go wrong with a house block can you?? Our members have knocked it out of the park again with this selection.
Yes i know you have to tilt your head to see them but i couldnt get close for the scrum of members eager to see how well they turned out!!
For next month Madeleine gave out Minecraft patterns i cant wait to see how they turn out!
How fab is this! Ann asked for star blocks, she is going to make a siblings together quilt, our members are rather wonderful that way you know.
Here is the block:
Onto our new member! Welcome Liz! Liz saw our stand at the Knitting and Stitching show, here she is with some of her makes:
Cracking quilts Liz and a very warm welcome to the group.
Oh man! How adorable is this swap mini Madeleine made?? Almost as adorable as Madeleine herself 😊
It was national sewing day so how wonderfully appropriate for Pauline to bring along this amazing cross stitch, love it Pauline!
Blimey thats a big one! Our Chair Cathlene shows off a stunning disappearjng nine patch, always been on my to do list, this example has just bumped it up!
Just wow! Ok my poor photography and neon light dont do this justice to the colours in Mags quilt, beautifully long armed by previous member Tatyana, really lovely.
Action shot!! Sorry Suzanne! Everyone wanted to see her lovely porthole cushion cover so Suzanne was turning this way and that, never mind i got a great action shot, this is part of a matching set for her dad for his birthday, thats so sweet.
Ruth is our lovely treasurer, not only does she keep our finances tickety boo but she is also a recent convert to foundstion piecing. She took the "in flight" pattern by Tartankiwi and  produced this stunner, i love the feathers floating off into the background. Amazing work Ruth.
Oh Heather what a stunner! Jo Averys crockery pattern brought to life by our very own Heather.
A prize winner!! And very well deserved too Helen! Helen win second prize at her other guild for her Rogue Red runner.
I had some show and tells too!! This is a fun wall hanging from the quilt along by Honey Bunny and Doll, all in liberty.
My last show and tell is a reminder to myself to stop making flippant throw away remarks .... i once said something stupid about batiks and guild members are forever saying to me "you dont like batiks do you?" ..... NO!!!!!!! I love batiks, i said something daft and have regretted it ever since!! 
So her you go, read the t-shirt 😊😊😊
I cant leave without highlighting yet again the generosity of the guild members. Mags is fundraising for the three childrens charities her daughter and asked if members could bring aling things for her craft stall, as usual the members did us proud.